Display production is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. High manufacturing quality and high production efficiency are more important than ever. The load-lock chambers for the production of large TV displays today can have a volume of more than 1000 liters and, as with the smaller load-lock chambers, require fast, stable pump-down without turbulence and condensation problems.

With previous valve solutions, setting the optimum pump-down behavior was difficult. The newly developed 29.2 HV Angle Valve with an integrated, precisely adjustable DN63 bypass offers an optimal solution to this problem. Despite the large gas volume, the vacuum can be generated reproducibly, without turbulence and condensation problems.

The needs of the display market were taken into account when optimizing the valve. In the standard version of the 29 series, a DN25 bypass controls the soft pump function. In addition to the option of the new DN63 bypass, a DN40 bypass is also available to ensure an optimal design for each type of system and application situation. An option for heating the 29.2, especially for large display installations, completes the modular concept of the 29 series.