Vacuum Valve Performance Permanently Guaranteed!

VAT vacuum valve systems are normally tailored to each application and therefore are laid-out for extended uptime. Nevertheless, valves might reach service requirements at times different from the recommended standard service intervals e.g. due to rough process conditions.

Running a valve to fail is normally not a good strategy as it bares the risk of unpredicted process interruptions and unpredicted service and potentially repair costs. In a forward-looking production and process optimizing strategy there is no place for such an approach.

To properly incorporate also vacuum valves in an optimizing strategy VAT offers it’s Fixed Price Refurbishment Service.

With Fixed Price Refurbishment, we maintain defined valves in vacuum processes at regular intervals based on specific process requirements. Meaning, each valve is serviced not according to standard requirements but to the requirements defined by the process it is operating in.

Furthermore the service is preventive. Different from a repair the service is not focused on the worn out parts only but on all parts that are subject to wear.

The advantage is a fixed, predictable cost for the service and a continuously renewed performance guaranty.  

If maintenance is required it either can be performed with the right VAT service kits quick and easy on site or at one of our worldwide service centers.

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