Fast, Qualified with Manufacturer Warranty

Any system requires service from time to time. VAT vacuum valve systems are normally tailored to each application and therefore are laid-out for extended uptime. If maintenance is required it either can be performed with the right VAT service kits quick and easy right at the customer site or at one of our worldwide service centers.

In the case of a necessary standard repair, we assess the need for repair in our service centers or directly on site. We then provide information on the repair and service options and carry out the repair in line with your time requirements. With every repair service, you receive a manufacturer's warranty that guarantees proper function.

To ensure as-new functionality of every repaired VAT product, we naturally use only original VAT spare parts. Many of these spare parts are also offered optional with enhanced functions such as longer durability due to their continuous further development. Furthermore, only specially trained and certified employees carry out repairs.

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