Why Join VAT?

Talent development

Talent development is one of our key strategic priorities and shows our commitment to our employees. We know that investing in our people is  the key to our long-term success. We invest in our talent development and growth through individually tailored actions based on our talent management and succession planning. We support development in leadership and technology and encourage a deeper and broader business understanding.

Growth creates opportunity

Working at a successful and growing company such as VAT means that you will have a lot of exposure to challenging assignments and transformational projects. After all, our business cannot move into new product lines, services, territories or markets without talented people. The first place where we look for talent is within our own ranks. You will find many opportunities for growth within our company.

Individual career

Working for VAT means working for a fast-paced, exciting and collaborative company. You will have the chance to shape products, the company and your own career. You won't find rigid pre-defined career paths – with our support, you will have the opportunity to find your own way to deepen or broaden your experience and move forward in your career. If you're hoping to make an impact in your next job, VAT is definitely the right choice.