Known for its quality for high cycle production, the double gate design (TWINVAT) of the 06.1 series has now been extended to the new 06.3 series. The 06.3 series is optimized for transfer valve requirements between load-lock and transfer chambers as well as for all process applications, where no frequent gate maintenance is required. For this the 06.3 is equipped with larger pressure elements that can withstand full differential pressure on the gate in opening direction. It is thus particularly suitable for OLED, PVD and load-lock applications.

The 06.3 series is based on the same concept as the 06.1 series in terms of its fast motion cycles and outstanding particle prevention features. In addition to these familiar performance features, the 06.3 series is now also available in an "Ultra Clean" configuration as well as a special high-speed version for PVD and airlock applications. Like the 06.1 series, the 06.3 series is available with a housing or as an insert type version for direct installation in the chamber.

Each 06.3 transfer valve is tailored to specific requirements through numerous design options. These include, for example, a control unit with ETHERCAT interface , special surface treatments such as hard-anodized or nickel-plated aluminum, other sealing materials, vacuum gauges to detect the pressure in the valve housing, bellows-protected shaft feedthrough, RF and DC grounding options for valve and gate, lateral mounting position of the actuators, and more.