Valve manifolds, in contrast to Combi valves, are always tailor-made according to customer requirements. In principle, valve manifolds, can be used to combine the functions of individual valves in a compact unit. This can be done with the primary goal of space reduction, reduction of sealing points or faster assembly, e.g. in series production.

The compactness of the valve manifolds also means that they can usually be installed "closer to the process", which can lead to a reduction in dead spaces - due to the elimination of flanges and connecting tubes - and thus, for example, reduce the vacuum volume to be pumped out or also avoid spaces for process-related deposits.

Valve manifolds can also be designed with a cooling or heating system if required, e.g. to eliminate process-related condensation effects. These integrated temperature management systems are generally simpler and require a much smaller supply infrastructure than comparable systems for individual valves.

In order to take full advantage of valve manifolds, VAT should be included in the planning of vacuum processes and systems at an early stage. This also ensures a fast production of the desired solution.

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Key features of the Vacuum Valve Manifold


  • Low construction volume
  • Avoidance of dead volume in closed position
  • Reduced installation requirements
  • One control for all valves


  • Minimal space requirement
  • Combined advantages of different valve technologies
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs
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