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The 67.0 series was designed for corrosive etching and cleaning processes in semiconductor production, to be used as a downstream control and isolation valve.

Gas flow characteristics in process chambers directly influence process speed and quality. While the gas inflow has traditionally received the most attention in process design, the downstream flow also offers potential in process optimization.

As a rule, the more homogeneous the gas flow around the wafer, the more even and synchronized the gas reaction on the wafer.

This is not only true during the gas introduction phase but also when the gas is drained from the chamber. Flow path variations by outlet position design or during valve operation can create asymmetric gas distribution that hampers gas exhaust or creates uneven flow speed. Both might cause negative effects on the wafer in the form of different gas exposure times and unbalanced convective flow. Both can also lead to higher process gas consumption and a longer process time.

Optimized gas flow design over the entire process cycle is the answer. The 67.0 Symmetrical Control Valve provides a new cornerstone in this approach.

The flow-optimized design also allows process chambers to be designed in a new way. Through its special opening and closing mechanism, the gas flow is symmetrical over the whole opening and closing cycle allowing unprecedented flow and pressure control. The “soft touch” isolation function adds to that. The 67.0 is moving so gently that any closing shock is avoided. This eliminates particle activation.

A further advantage of the 67.0 is its limited footprint. It requires less installation space than other solutions.
Combined with a flow optimized showerhead and chamber design, the 67.0 allows an unprecedented new level of process control. It opens the door to improved yield quality and faster cycle times and with it, increased productivity.


The 67.0 Symmetrical Control Valve is available in DN 250 – 450 mm (10" – 18"). The
body material can be blank or hard-­anodized aluminum. Standard flanges on the pump side are ISO-F or JIS. The chamber flange is proprietary. The flange, plate and actuator are sealed with elastomers. The feedthroughs are bellows sealed. A plate heater is an option.

The 67.0 is actuated by two synchronized linear drives with closed loop controlled stepper motors. The modern 32-bit controller
can be connected via various standard ports through a PC or PCU. Special Control Performance Analyzer (CPA) software allows detailed monitoring of the 67.0 as well as adjustments to the cycle movement.

The 67.0 is laid out for 2 million control cycles and 200 000 isolation cycles until first service. Maintenance requirements such as seal changes can be done quickly and easy.

Key features 67.0 Symmetrical Control Valve


  • Pressure control and isolation
  • Flow-optimized design
  • Plate heater option
  • Bellows feedthrough


  • Symmetrical flow over the entire opening and closing cycle
  • Shock-free operation to avoid particle activation
  • Outstanding pressure control performance
  • Easy maintenance
Technical data
Sizes   DN 250 (10"), DN 320 (12"), DN 350 (14"),
DN 400 (16"), DN 450 (18")
Actuator   Two synchronized linear drives with closed loop
controlled stepper motors
Body Material   Aluminum blank or hard anodized
Feedthrough   Bellows
Standard Flanges Pump side
Chamber side
Leak Rate Valve Body Blank aluminium
Hard anodized aluminium
< 1 × 10-9 mbar ls-1
< 1 × 10-5 mbar ls-1
Leak Rate Valve Seat Blank aluminium
Hard anodized aluminium
< 1 × 10-9 mbar ls-1
< 1 × 10-4 mbar ls-1
Pressure Range Blank aluminium
Hard anodized aluminium
1 × 10-8 mbar to 1.2 bar (abs)
1 × 10-6 mbar to 1.2 bar (abs)
Differential Pressure on the Plate Chamber side -> plate
Pump side -> plate
1200 mbar (valve closed)
10 mbar
Cycles until first Service Pressure Control
2 Million
200 000
Temperature Valve Body ≤ 120 °C 
  Actuator: Ambient max. 50 °C (≤ 35 °C recommended)
Material Flange, Plate EN AW-6082 (3.2315) or AW-6061 (3.3211)
  Actuator Shafts AISI 316L (1.4404)
  Bellows AISI 633 (AM 350)
Seal Flange, Plate, Actuators FKM (e.g. Viton®)
Mounting Position   Actuators downwards


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