Excellent Sealing Performance with Web/Foil Protection

The 02.7 Roll-to-Roll Transfer Valve MONOVAT has been developed to meet the special requirements of continues web/foil coating processes. To ensure reliable sealing of the process chamber in line with protecting the web/foil band in continues coating processes the 02.7 is using a sophisticated roll-to-roll sealing system. The sealing system is based on VAT’s proven MONOVAT sealing technology. With the double sealing roll-to-roll design the sealing pressure is perfectly balanced between effective sealing and not damaging the web/foils. An intermediate pumping stage between both seals adds to the sealing performance.

Designed for high cycle production systems the 02.7 combines an outstanding fast motion time (≤ 1.5 s) with resistance against process-related deposits that would limit standard valve performance.

The special MONOVAT sealing technology used by the 02.7 allows a shock-free opening and closing movement of the gate minimizing particle activation and reducing seal wear. Furthermore, the for a double sealing system very compact design of the sealing mechanism also makes the whole valve very compact providing small mounting dimensions.

Operating already in hundredths web/foil production systems around the world under various process conditions, the 02.7 series has proven its outstanding performance in all aspects.


The 02.7 Roll-to-Roll Transfer Valve MONOVAT is tailored to exact customer specification like all VAT transfer valve solutions. Elements of these customization are a solenoid valve for impulse actuation, special surface treatments like hard anodized or nickel-plated aluminum, bellows sealed feedthrough and more.

Key features of the 02.7 Roll-to-Roll Transfer Valve MONOVAT


  • High performance roll-to-roll sealing system with web/foil protection
  • Compact design and small mounting dimensions
  • Shock-free gate movement


  • Low cost of operation
  • Fast cycle times
  • High uptime, low maintenance
Technical data
Sizes   50 × 300 mm (1.97" × 11.81") to
50 × 1250 mm (1.97" × 49.21")
Actuator Pneumatic Double acting with position indicator
Body Material   Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Feedthrough   Shaft Feedthrough with intermediate pumping
Leak Rate Valve Body < 1 × 10-5 mbar ls-1
  Valve Seat < 1 × 10-5 mbar ls-1
§Differential Pressure On the Gate ≤ 1 bar
  At Opening ≤ 5 mbar
Cycles until first Service   10 000
Closing or opening time   ≤ 1.5 s (with 50 mm opening height)
Temperature Aluminium Valve Body/Gate ≤ 120 °C
  Stainless Steel Valve Body/Gate ≤ 150 °C
  Actuator, Position Indicator ≤ 80 °C
Temperature Difference Body/Gate   ≤ 25 °C
Material Aluminium Valve Body/Gate EN AW-5083 (3.3547)
  Stainless Steel Valve Body/Gate AISI 304 (1.4301)
  Actuator Shafts AISI 304 (1.4301)
Seal Gate, Flanges, Feedtrough FKM (Viton®)
Mounting Position   Actuator Up or Down
Position Indicator Voltage 10 – 30 V DC PNP (NPN optional)
Tensile force of the foil on the gate   max. 0.5 N per mm (e.g. width of foil 300 mm, max tensile force 150 N)


Customized Solution

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