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The 98.0 Mechatronic Wafer Lift System from VAT combines mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering technology to create a simpler and smarter solution for wafer handling systems used in semiconductor manufacturing. The key function is to provide precise wafer lift movement, with the smoothest possible motion profile, optimized to minimize vibrations and shocks. The design of the 98.0 is focused on footprint minimization, obtained by three small, very compact independent actuated lifts, in opposition to solutions with a centralized actuator, which are more demanding to integrate. The central control unit of the system ensure absolute synchronized motion among the three lifts.

Stroke: 0 – 60 mm / 0 – 30 mm / 0 – 15 mm

Built on the technology behind our newest generation of fast mechatronic valves and motion components, the motion profile of the wafer lift system is fully programmable for superior control compared to alternative solutions using hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. The 98.0 uses an EC2 (32-bit) controller on which the adjustable motion profile perfectly synchronizes all wafer lifts – at all speed levels. An automated calibration procedure guaranties highest position accuracy. The integrated self-diagnostic software of the controller provides an early warning if the system needs some maintenance attention. Making it easy to plan ahead and avoid unexpected performance drops.
The controller can be easily integrated in any process control unit by different interface connectors.

Custom-engineered, optimized for semiconductor production processes and research applications to meet the most demanding customer requirements. The 98.0 Mechatronic Wafer Lift System adds high value to VAT’s vacuum solutions that include valves, bellows, controllers as well as advanced modules.

The 98.0 Mechatronic Wafer Lift System consists of three wafer lifts, the EC2 controller unit and the connecting cables harness between the lifts and the controller. The lifters are available in three sizes for 15, 30 and 60mm stroke. The lift actuators are BLDC motors with integrated brake and encoder. The pin feedthrough are bellows sealed. For wafer and pressure detection a software add-on is available.

Key features of the 98.0 - Mechatronic Wafer Lift System


  • Proprietary algorithm to smoothen movement between motion steps
  • Highest position accuracy: fully automated calibration procedure
  • Ensured synchronicity: prevents wafer shifts
  • Wafer and pressure detection (add-on)


  • Adjustable profile with motion steps
  • Optimal control: high resolution encoder and accurate mechanics
  • Minimized vibrations and shock
  • Minimized footprint
  • Low power consumption: No compressed air required
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