Reliable Under All Conditions

The 07.7 Large Transfer Door with L-VAT sets new standards for vacuum doors. It has been developed to optimize three key aspects of performance: (1) particle emission protection, (2) fast and adjustable cycle times and (3) high uptime with fast and easy maintenance.

The outstanding performance characteristics are particularly evident in demanding applications and under changing process conditions.

Particle Emission Protection

The design of the 07.7 transfer door focuses on exceptional particle performance. It opens and closes with a  pure L-Motion. Every part of the valve where there is a possible risk of particle release is encapsulated separately. For example, the door guides on both sides are encapsulated with PTFE bellows, the pressure elements of the pressure beam are encapsulated with welded metal bellows, and the cable carrier is encapsulated with a PTFE cover that meets the specifications of IPA clean room class 1.

Fast and Adjustable Cycle Times

Smooth closing, even with fast opening and closing cycles, is a key feature of the 07.7 transfer door. The damping mechanism in the pneumatic actuator can be adjusted to match different cycle speeds. This means the 07.7 minimizes shocks during closing to reduce the risk of particle activation. Furthermore, the side guides ensure the movement of the door is smooth to minimize vibration. Magnetic Position Indicators (MPI) are used to indicate the door position to accurately display both vertical and horizontal positions. The 07.7 is equipped with everything that is required for a high performance atmospheric door.

07.7 Large Transfer Door Insert with L-VAT

07.7 Large Transfer Door Insert with L-VAT - Closed
07.7 Large Transfer Door Insert with L-VAT - Optically closed
Optically closed
07.7 Large Transfer Door Insert with L-VAT - Open

High Uptime, Low and Easy Maintenance

Downtime for maintenance is not just an annoyance, it is an avoidable cost and can lower your output. The 07.7 maximizes uptime by reducing the duration and frequency of maintenance interruptions. The simplified gate exchange and easy access to pressure elements are just two design features that significantly reduce maintenance effort. In addition, the sealing pressure can be adjusted according to process requirements, e.g. when using other sealing materials.

In addition, integrated spacers prevent overpressing of the plate seal, reduce O-ring wear and increase availability through longer maintenance-free intervals.

Key features of the
07.7 Large Transfer Door with L-VAT


  • All potentially particle emitting elements are encapsulated
  • Pure L-Motion movement - smooth and vibration-free under all conditions
  • Magnetic position indicators for vertical and horizontal position


  • Outstanding particle emission protection
  • Fast and adjustable cycle times
  • High uptime, low and easy maintenance
Technical data
Sizes   Customer-specific
Actuator Pneumatic Double Acting
Feedthrough   Shaft Feedthrough
Leak Rate FKM Gate Seal (e.g. Viton®) < 1 × 10-7 mbar ls-1
Differential Pressure on the gate in closing direction ≤ 1 bar
  in opening direction ≤ 5 mbar
Differential Pressure at opening   ≤ 5 mbar
Cycles until first Service   1 Million (unheated and under clean conditions)
Temperature at Gate ≤ 60 °C
  Pneumatic Actuator ≤ 80 °C
  Solenoid Valve ≤ 50 °C
Opening / Closing Time (Standard Version) Opening height ≤ 250 mm < 3 s / < 3 s
  Opening height > 250 mm depending on size
Material Aluminum Gate EN AW-5083
  Hard anodized Aluminum (option) EN AW-5083
  Stainless Steel Gate (option) AISI 304 (1.4301), AISI 316L (1.4404)
  Side Guidance (shaft) 100 Cr6 (1.3505), hard chrome plated
Seal Gate FKM (Viton®)
  Actuator, Compression Plate NBR and FKM (Viton®)
Mounting Position   Actuator Downward (option: upward/sideward)
Solenoid Valve   5/3-way, static signal
Position Indicator: Contact Rating (PNP Type) Voltage 10 – 30 VDC
  Current ≤ 200 mA
  Response Time ≤ 0.1 ms
  Safety Class IP 67
Valve Position Indication   Magnetic


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