Reliable Isolation Under All Conditions

The 25.2 HV Cylinder Valve series is designed to be used in harsh process environments with corrosive and particle carrying gasses, such as sub-fab processes. It’s laid out for maximum conductance and is available in 3/2 way design (25.2).

To provide durability and high uptime the 25.2 HV Cylinder Valve series has a seal protection system that combines the benefits of the high conductance of a cylinder design with an increased seal lifetime. The seal protection system works with a TILT-TURN-TILT movement of the cylinder in which the cylinder removes the gate seal from the valve seat in a lift movement, avoiding any friction and with it higher seal wear and particle generation. When at full opening (after a 90° turn), the TILT-TURN-TILT movement will also press the seal gently to the valve body to protect the seal also from potential abrasive particles in the gas stream. If there is power failure, the valve mechanism is locked in its open or closed position, maintaining the last valve position.

Already installed in thousands of demanding applications under various process conditions, the 25.2 HV Cylinder Valve series has proven its outstanding reliability.

1. TILT movement of gate. Gate seal lifts off from valve seat.
2. 90° TURN of gate towards the open position.
3. TILT movement of gate towards the valve body. Gate seal is protected.

25.2 HV Cylinder Valves are available as a pneumatic version with a solenoid valve as an accessory for external mounting. The valve position is indicated by an LED (10 – 30 VDC, 5 – 100 mA).

Standard options for flange connectors are ISO-KF and ISO-KF “claw”. The standard gate sealing is FKM. Customer-specific flanges can be integrated, as can special features, e.g., heating cartridges, other sealing material or a stainless steel version.

Key features of the 25.2 HV Cylinder Valve


  • Reliable, proven design for harsh environments
  • TILT-TURN-TILT mechanism to protect seal
  • Maximum conductance


  • Reliable performance
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
Technical data
Sizes (DN)
16 mm (⅝")
25 mm (1")
40 mm (1½’’)
Pneumatic, double acting
Body material
Standard flanges
ISO-KF “claw”
Leak Rate
Valve body
< 1 x 10-9 mbar ls-1
Valve Seat
< 1 x 10-9 mbar ls-1
Pressure range
1 × 10-8 mbar to 3 bar (abs)
Differential Pressure on Plate
In closing direction
≤ 1.2 bar
In opening direction
≤ 3.0 bar
Differential pressure at opening
≤ 1.2 bar
Cycles until first service
100 000
Valve body
≤ 120°C
≤ 120°C
Position indicator
≤ 80 °C
Valve body
EN AW-6060 (3.3206)
EN AW-6082 (3.2315)
EN AW-6082 (3.2315)
EN AW-6082 (3.2315)
AISI 316L (1.4435)
A4-80 with Ni-PTFE coating
Rotary feedthrough
Mounting position
Position indicator: contact rating
Valve body
≤ 10 – 30 VDC
5 – 100 mA
Valve position indication
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