For Reliable Coarse and Fine Gas Dosing

The key performance indicators for a modern gas dosing valve are its controllability and its ability to reliable and precisely reproduce flow settings. The 21.1 Gas Dosing Valve series provides both.

Available in two versions - one for coarse gas dosing (DN 10 mm, ½") and one for fine gas dosing (DN 16 mm, 5/8") - the 21.1 series allows closing without losing the defined flow setting due to its separate closing and dosing needle calibration function. With the needle calibration handwheel the needle position and flow setting can be tuned on a very fine scale to the required setting. This setting is maintained during the opening and closing of the valve as the open/close mechanism operates independently of the dosing mechanism.

Tested in thousands of demanding applications under various process conditions, the 21.1 series has proven its outstanding reliability.

Fine dosing

The 21.1 Gas Dosing Valve is available in versions for coarse gas dosing (DN 10 mm, ½") and fine gas dosing (DN 16 mm, 5/8") with manual handwheel actuation. The coarse gas dosing valve body is made of aluminum and the fine gas dosing valve body is made of stainless steel. Both have ISO-KF flanges. An additional filter vacuum side is available for the fine gas dosing valve.

Key features of the 21.1 Gas Dosing Valve


  • Wide flow control range
  • Integrated shut-off valve
  • Can be closed without loss of flow setting


  • Excellent reliability and life time
  • Outstanding controllability
  • Low cost of ownership
Technical data
    Coarse Gas Dosing Valve Fine Gas Dosing Valve
Leak Rate Valve Body, Valve Seat 1× 10-8 mbar ls-1 1× 10-9 mbar ls-1
Pressure Range   1 × 10-7 mbar to 4 bar (abs) 1 × 10-7 mbar to 2.5 bar (abs)
Gas Flow, Controllable   min. 40 mbar l/s max. 1700 mbar l/s min. 5 × 10-6 mbar l/s max. 1000 mbar l/s
Dead Volume   - 0.032 cm3
Temperature   Bakeout ≤ 100 °C Operating ≤ 80 °C
Bakeout ≤ 100 °C
Material Valve Body EN AW-6082 T6 AISI 304 (1.4301)
  Actuator Plastic (POM) Plastic (POM)
  Dosing Sleeve - Fluoropolymer
Seal   FKM (Viton®) FKM (Viton®)
Mountin Position   Any Any
Weight   0.2 kg/0.44 lbs 0.4 kg/0.88 lbs


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