Through innovative and future-oriented measures, VAT is already pushing for more sustainability at its production sites. Now comes the next step, when delivery to the customer is also placed under the ambitious goal of having the lowest possible carbon footprint.

To realize such an ambitious goal, strong partners are needed who can pull together and speak the same language. With more than 7,300 employees and 150 company-owned locations in 35 countries, Gebrüder Weiss GmbH, based in Lauterach, Austria, is one of Europe's leading transport and logistics companies. Gebrüder Weiss GmbH is also a member of the H2 Mobility Switzerland Support Association. This initiative developed and implemented the world's first ecosystem for the practical use of hydrogen to power vehicles.

By using a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission truck to transport goods, Gebrüder Weiss GmbH is thinking along the same lines as VAT: "How can we use forward-looking, innovative concepts to protect the environment while increasing efficiency and productivity?"

This is made possible by the environmentally friendly and efficient concept of hydrogen propulsion. In this process, hydrogen and oxygen are fed into the fuel cell. A chemical process then produces electrical energy, which is used to power the electric motor in the truck. The only waste product is water vapor. The hydrogen drive is also convincing in terms of its efficiency: a full tank allows a 25-ton truck to cover a distance of around 600 km and, in contrast to a battery-powered electric drive, is refilled in a very short time. There is no need for a long charging process. This means that the hydrogen-powered truck remains emission-free and is fully suitable for everyday use. With an efficiency of approx. 60%, the hydrogen drive also achieves roughly twice the efficiency of a combustion engine and reduces the CO2 load by up to 80 tons per year. The fact that its operation is also virtually silent is beneficial for the driver, the passengers and the environment.

VAT also has a lot of plans for the future, as Twan Steenweg, Head of Logistics, emphasizes: "With the use of a hydrogen-powered truck, VAT is setting another mosaic stone in its sustainability strategy. We will continue to pursue this path consistently when, for example, we exchange the first of our own trucks and delivery vans with combustion engines for new electric vehicles in 2022."