The Responsible Factory Initiative (RFI) is run by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to responsible business conduct in global supply chains.

The RFI aims to promote responsible and sustainable production conditions in factories, particularly in the areas of labor law, environmental sustainability and business ethics. By participating in the program, VAT underlines its commitment to these values and strives to ensure that its Penang operations are in line with the principles of responsible and sustainable business practices.

"We are proud to participate in the Responsible Factory Initiative with our Penang site," said Paraveen Singham, Managing Director of VAT Manufacturing in Penang, Malaysia. "As a responsible company, we believe we have a duty to live up to the highest standards of ethical and sustainable business practices. We believe that by participating in this program, we will gain additional momentum for our daily operations and also send a positive message about manufacturing in Malaysia."

Under the program, VAT Manufacturing Malaysia will undergo a comprehensive assessment of its operations, policies and processes by the RBA. The assessment is intended to help ensure that standards set by the RBA Code of Conduct are met. Representatives from the RFI will also advise and assist with potential changes and improvements to procedures and internal policies during this process.

"We are committed to maximum transparency in all areas of work during this process in order to benefit maximally from the advice of RFI representatives," notes Anna Diews, Sustainability Manager at VAT Group. "We have a vested interest in regularly reviewing and improving our own processes and policies. Initiatives like the RFI are a particular incentive in this regard."

VAT has a long history of working with the RBA and most recently underwent a comprehensive RBA assessment at its Swiss manufacturing site in late 2022.

The Responsible Factory Initiative (RFI) is a member-based initiative designed to guide, support, and recognize individual factories that are implementing the RBA Code of Conduct at their facility. The RBA Code is a robust set of internationally recognized standards that positively impact workers, business, and the environment.