Sustainability is an all-embracing important topic for VAT, which also includes the area of environmental and climate protection. Therefore, since 2018, VAT has committed to achieving annual energy and CO2 savings targets over a 10-year period. VAT has committed to reduce energy consumption by 169,321 kWh for 2028 at its Swiss site alone. Currently, VAT is well on its way to achieving this goal – 128,411 kWh of energy has already been saved, representing approximately 76% of the agreement’s total energy savings target and exceeding the previously expected energy savings by 30%.

Reduction of Energy consumption as part of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency Program

In kWh20232022202120202019
Reduction target (kWh)122,69299,37866,25233,1260
Realized energy reduction (kWh)128,411128,411101,31165,70523,405
Realization in relation to the overall objective (%)76%76%60%38%14%

In the last five years, VAT was always able to exceed its savings targets. This was possible thanks to investments in technical improvements, such as the purchase of energy-efficient boilers, boiler pumps and air compressors. The widespread installation of LED lighting in production also reduces energy consumption. An additional measure is the regular maintenance and inspection of the production infrastructure. This allows compressed air leaks to be detected at an early stage and sealed promptly, which further increases the energy and resource efficiency of production. 

Sustainable entrepreneurship is of utmost importance not only within VAT. As a large energy consumer, i.e., a company with a heat consumption of more than five gigawatt hours and/or an electricity consumption of more than half a gigawatt hour per year, there is also an obligation to increase operational energy efficiency in accordance with the Swiss cantonal energy laws. Together with other large energy companies in the canton of St.Gallen, VAT contributes to a more careful and efficient use of energy by participating in the program. See our certification of participant here: 2024 Certificate.  

Sustainability is generally relevant for VAT worldwide. Learn more about the sustainability goals in the Sustainability Report 2023.