Customized Solutions from VAT

Benefit from vacuum valve solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Your specification defines the solution.

Going Beyond Industry Standard

High tech fabs and R&D institutes maintain some of the world’s most complex and demanding vacuum processes – and sometimes an industry standard solution is simply not good enough.

Going Beyond Industry Standard

Developing specific, tailor-made vacuum valve solutions lies at the core of our expertise. VAT has been developing customized, state-of-the-art solutions for vacuum valves for over 50 years. Our custom development approach is based on close collaboration with the client and know-how drawn from thousands of customized solutions across different disciplines and applications.

20-30% standard SOLUTIONS

The VAT Offer

While the VAT standard portfolio of vacuum valve solutions is the largest in the world, approximately 70-80% of all valve solutions delivered by VAT are customized solutions. Our customized vacuum valve solutions enable our customers to integrate the most efficient valve components – or integrated process module – in their next generation of fabrication and R&D equipment.

No compromise – or expiration date – with a customized solution

By identifying and solving production problems during the development and ramp-up phases, VAT customers can get to volume production faster and reach optimum yields earlier – significantly improving revenues and margins. Further advantages of a customized solution include:

  • Accelerated innovation cycle for new valve solutions
  • Spare parts & service always available
  • Available for virtually all industrial sectors
  • In-house testing & prototyping ensure compliance with customer requirements

The VAT Process

Our process of developing a customized solution is characterized by close collaboration with the customer and the utilization of a technology database we have develop in thousands of customizing projects. The database provides a wide range of technical solutions for different applications and requirements.

To provide fast solutions, we work in an agile development and customizing methodology. This provides close feedback loops in the development stages and guaranties customers insight on any development and customizing step.

Steps to a customized solution:

  1. Comprehensive briefing and review of customer requirements
  2. Elaboration of the specifications by integrating all relevant process parameters
  3. Development of a customer-specific solution based on proven technologies
  4. If needed, prototype development and testing to verify performance characteristics (by VAT and/or customer specialists)
  5. Review and specification of the production process to set exact manufacturing tolerances
  6. Specification of the maintenance programs and spare parts supply concept – including potential upgrade options
  7. Initial installation support and performance verification

The VAT Difference

We collaborate with some of the most advanced research institutes and manufacturers in the world. They work at the limits of what is technically feasible to produce cutting-edge products or achieve scientific breakthroughs.

Working at a whole different level

This is why the development and production of VAT components used in high, ultra-high and extremely high vacuum processes must regularly meet requirements for manufacturing tolerances, precision and purity that are a whole different level of what is normally encountered in vacuum assisted production environments.

Maintaining particle management procedures

These requirements profoundly impact VAT production and manufacturing standards. To guarantee the required purity, VAT R&D teams are dedicated to maintaining comprehensive cleaning and particle management procedures to eliminate particles visible only under a scanning electron microscope.

Key success factor

This extraordinary level of expertise and experience is a key factor in our successful collaboration with VAT customers to develop innovative customized solutions.

Customized Solution

Specify your customized solution.

If you have your specification already at hand, please upload it and submit it to us. We are happy to send you a quote.