Our workplace safety and environmental policy.

Guiding values

Our business success is not just the result of high-quality products. It is just as much based on an above-average effort when it comes to the environment and workplace safety. Our management and all employees are fully committed to keep to relevant laws and regulations regarding environmental protection and occupational safety. From the development of our products and processes through production and distribution, we adhere to these goals consistently. The company provides the necessary personal and monetary resources. In a modern infrastructure, VAT has highly effective, environmentally friendly and safe manufacturing facilities.


Guiding principles

We are aware that our success is to a large extent based on the trust which the public, our shareholders, customers and suppliers have in us. We justify this trust when we fully adhere to regional, national and global laws and regulations.

We increase the environmental and safety skills and knowledge of our employees with optimal working conditions in a process of continuous improvement. All employees with VAT have the necessary protective equipment and get regular training updates for their responsibilities related to environmental protection and workplace safety.

We give preference to suppliers who act according to environmental and safety principles. VAT purchases only products and services which meet the legitimate environmental and safety expectations.

We procure and operate equipment and production facilities which meet the statutory requirements as regards environmental protection and occupational safety. They must rank among the best in their use of resources (e.g. energy consumption, space, emissions etc.).

We take a preventive approach in ensuring that the health of our employees is maintained. We avoid occupational accidents and illnesses through training and empowering our employees to work in a sustainable manner.

Green Procurement

VAT's Green Procurement Initiative

As a leading manufacturer of vacuum valves, we are aware of our environmental responsibility when it comes to our production equipment and products. We maintain a comprehensive management system to meet the needs of our globally active customer base. We have shown our responsibility by obtaining the certificate in quality management with ISO 9001 and environmental management ISO 14001. 

VAT has started a comprehensive program to meet the requirements arising from worldwide environmental legislation and Green Procurement Initiatives. Our goal is conformity with these initiatives and legislation. 

Global “Green Procurement” requirements of our customers in the semiconductor and electronics industry are clear enough: they preclude the use of any substances whose use is restricted or forbidden by global regulations or legislation. This includes materials like asbestos and azo dyes. We regard it as our duty to conform to these environmental programs in our design and manufacture of products. 

Our goal is to limit the presence of harmful substances in our products listed in the Joint Industry Guide (JIG, www.ce.org ) or eliminate them altogether. All products delivered to our customers match statutory requirements (e.g. environmental and safety guidelines, banned substances) which are in effect in the country of origin and the country of final destination. 

The information sheets about substances contained in VAT products are based on information provided by third parties. They correspond to the present state of knowledge and are distributed to the customers who need them. VAT cannot itself guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. 

Excluded from this declaration are: unintended pollution due to defective maintenance, disregard of operating instructions, excessive use, inappropriate tools, chemical or electrolytic effects, defective assembly work or other reasons for which we cannot assume responsibility.

We refer to our “supply and payment conditions” (section 9.3), according to which we only meet costs associated with the installation or use of defective parts. We decline liability for consequential damages. 

Information needed by our customers about the use of harmful substances in our products is provided in the following formats:

Green Procurement - Global

VAT Statement

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct

We are a member of the Responsible Business Alliance. The RBA Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain.

The RBA Code of Conduct is a set of standards on social, environmental and ethical issues in the electronics industry supply chain. The standards set out in the Code of Conduct reference international norms and standards including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO International Labor Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, ISO and SA standards, and many more.

The RBA Code of Conduct. The approved language, which moved the Code to zero fees for workers, can be viewed here. Version 6.0 of the RBA Code of Conduct was ratified in 2017 and went into effect Jan. 1, 2018. Version 6.0 can be viewed here and in multiple languages below.
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