History of VAT

VAT was founded in 1965 by Siegfried Schertler and was initially based in the town of Flawil next to St.Gallen (Switzerland). In the beginning the market focus was on scientific research. Later the company moved its premises to Haag in the municipality of Sennwald in the Rhine valley (Switzerland). In 1988 the company entered the field of semiconductor technology. Together with the patenting of the MONOVAT technology, this was the basis for an enormous growth spurt. The development of control valves with intelligent and self-learning control components, led to further sustained growth. After the turn of the millennium, the company expanded into the flat screen and photovoltaic markets.
In February 2014 Capvis and Partners Group acquired VAT in a joint lead transaction.

Siegfried Schertler 

1926 - 2010

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