VAT has been offering a practical training for more than 30 years to bring together technology-savvy school leavers and the market leader for high-performance valves. Interested parties can spend one or two days taking a practical look at the apprenticeship professions of polymechanic (EFZ), design engineer (EFZ) and production mechanic (EFZ). Practical training means that dedicated instructors as well as the current apprentices answer the questions of the young interested parties. The considerable effort they put into this is worthwhile for both sides.

"The training programm and the apprentice team at VAT are great," says Maja Ortlieb, a 3rd-year apprentice. "The profession of polymechanic offers a huge variety, you do something new every day." Teamwork is emphasized and she has learned that there are many different approaches to problems.

Maja is highly satisfied with her career choice and the company she chose. However, it wasn't a random choice. She first took a close look at what was in store for her. During a trial apprenticeship, she was able to get to know the workshop and not only observe the tasks of a polymechanic, but also get hands-on experience. Extremely helpful: The entire workshop team was available to answer questions on all aspects of the apprenticeship, from getting started to career prospects.

The trial apprenticeship clarifies important questions in advance.

What exactly does the apprenticeship involve? How long does it last? What does it involve? What comes afterwards? And basically: Do my talents lie at all in technology, mechanics and construction? Such elementary uncertainties must be cleared up before the courageous step into the job, not afterwards. It is also crucial for the company to find the right young people. No one wants a young person to leave their training prematurely because it just wasn't the right fit. About one in five young people in Switzerland terminates their apprenticeship contract prematurely. It's different at VAT - and that's the way it should stay.

The great effort made with 50 to 60 trial apprenticeships per year is therefore worthwhile. This is also confirmed by Head of Apprentice Martin Rothenbühler. "The trial apprenticeship has been a fixed component for at least 30 years. For us, to get an impression of the student in terms of skills and interests, and for the student to get to know the profession, to get an insight into the working world and the company, and to see whether you feel comfortable in the team."

In the company's own training center, everyone is also allowed to make mistakes.

From the company's own training center, Martin Rothenbühler can proudly report: "We are very broadly positioned and offer apprentices the best conditions for becoming qualified and sought-after skilled workers with the best prospects for the future. Training takes place on the latest and most modern equipment and systems. The apprentices are also allowed to make mistakes and can constantly learn new things. Thanks to the size of the company, we can give an insight into all the different processes and departments." The team is definitely multicultural and international. To strengthen the team spirit, there is an annual two-day fall trip with all apprentices and vocational trainers and a spring activity.

Over 3 percent are currently apprentices in the company. That's 35 people who can learn in the departments with three full-time vocational trainers and a dozen other part-time trainers. The supervision is correspondingly good. About a third of the finished polymechanics, design engineers and production mechanics stay with the company permanently. This is certainly also due to the exciting field of work, because VAT valves are high-tech products that are even involved in NASA projects in space. In order to be able to work at an extremely high level, training has always been a focus at VAT. The training of junior staff ensures the long-term success of the growing company and with excellently trained own people, fewer new employees have to be recruited from outside.

VAT is always on the lookout for enthusiastic school leavers with an affinity for technology who want to work as part of a team to drive forward future-oriented improvements. An apprenticeship at VAT is the entry into a working world where challenging, also international tasks are waiting and where it is never boring.

Interested in a trial apprenticeship? Then contact...

for Polymechanic EFZ and Production Mechanic EFZ:

Martin Rothenbühler, Tel +41 81 772 48 01 or under

for Design Engineer EFZ:

Thomas Mayer, Tel +41 81 772 41 33 or under