Key features of VAT sector valve concepts for Hyperloop projects:

  1. fast, safe closing and isolation.
  2. simple, easy-to-maintain design without the need to remove e.g. rail systems from the valve closing path when closing the valve.
  3. small construction volume
  4. simple installation 

As the world market leader for vacuum valve solutions, VAT relies on intensive exchange with leading Hyperloop companies and research institutions worldwide in the construction and development of sector valve solutions. In addition, VAT can build on decades of experience in the construction of valves for large vacuum volumes. In various applications such as large particle accelerators or space simulation rooms, VAT valves safely protect against leakage, enable maintenance work and required operating states where parts of the overall system are ventilated to atmospheric pressure.

With the large tube cross-sections required for hyperloop systems, it is crucial to absorb the possible differential pressure forces of up to 200 tons, which can act on a valve door in a 5 m (16 ft) tube, for example, in such a way that the valve remains dimensionally stable without making the door construction so heavy that this has a negative effect on the closing time. This is because longer closing times = higher vacuum loss. VAT has developed various solutions for this.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, please contact our Hyperloop team directly. We will be happy to support you with your projects.

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In addition to sector valves, a whole range of other valves are also important for the economical operation of a Hyperloop system. In addition to venting valves and vacuum pump isolation valves, there are also a number of other valve concepts for which we offer solutions. Please contact us for more information.