We at VAT, together with our suppliers, bear the responsibility for our products meeting high standards.

We work in long-term partnerships with global blue chip suppliers, in order to constantly improve what we do for our customers. 

The VAT Group has committed itself to environmental stewardship, to the health of its workers and to principles of safety and prevention.  

Always on the lookout for global procurement partners, we talk to innovative and competitive suppliers in various industries and markets. Quality, leadership on costs, dependability and flexibility have top priority for us.

Building a panel of the best suppliers, implementing improvements together, integrating them into our product development and involving them in our daily business - these are core processes which help us achieve our goals:


  • Product
    • “Zero-failure” principle
    • Low DPPM (<10)
  • Project
    • 100% satisfactory rating of initial samples (quality & timing)
  • Logistics
    • Defect-free transport and supply management
    • 100% service rate

Leadership on costs

  • Permanent price optimization on materials and parts
  • Individual improvement initiatives with suppliers

Progressive technology

  • Involving the supplier in the starting phase of projects
  • Drastic shortening of development and processing times (time to market)

Worldwide presence

  • Buildup of global sourcing and transfer of parts sourced by us in countries with optimal manufacturing and procurement opportunities
  • Optimization and consolidation of the supplier base

Our job

…involves carrying out strategic projects, coordinating procurement processes in the international environment, management expertise in concluding general ​sourcing contracts, and ensuring competitiveness. The most important principles we work with are:

  • Coordinated and uniform action in the procurement markets
  • Active sharing of know-how and best practices
  • Using common methods, tools and systems
  • Optimizing the process chain.
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