Questions and Answers

Is there a supplier portal, and who can use it?

Our registered suppliers can access further information and documentation at the VAT supplier portal.

How can I become a registered supplier?

If you want to become a registered supplier with VAT, you will find information about the requirements and the procedure under this link.

What are the guidelines for packaging?

You can find guidelines for packaging and shipping under the following Link.

What does VAT require of its suppliers?

We are always looking for partners able to fulfil the high demands that we place on ourselves. Here’s what counts:
  • constant high level of quality
  • competitive pricing
  • dependability and keeping to deadlines
  • entrepreneurial flexibility
  • functioning logistics
  • proactive and timely communication
  • readiness for ongoing development and innovation
  • technical support and advice

Who do I talk to about what I can offer as a supplier?

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