Windows 10 - Installing Skype for Business Web App

If you are using Windows 10, together with the Edge browser and you don't have an Office 365 account or you don’t have Lync or Skype for Business installed, you can join our Skype for Business meetings as a guest by installing the Web App plug-in. This guide will show you the steps you need to take. Please note that you will not need to have Administrator rights on your PC to perform these steps. You will need a microphone and speakers (preferably earphones) to join an online meeting (Laptop built-in microphone and speakers are not recommended).

If you have already downloaded and installed the free Lync App from the Windows store, you can't use this unless you have an Office365 or On-Premise account as you need to login to get the full set of facilities needed for a Skype for Business meeting. It would be best to uninstall the Lync App if this is the case. But you could also close the App and select "Join using Skype for Business Web App instead" link as shown below:


If you don't have the Lync App installed, or followed the above advice, you will be presented with this screen:


The first thing you need to do is click the hyperlink in step 1 shown in the screenshot below. Once that has downloaded the installer, you need to click Run as shown below:


If Windows 10 pops up the following screen, you can ignore it. It want you to install the Lync App.


After installing the Web App plug-in, you can return to step 2 on this screen and click the green "Join the meeting" button.


Windows 10 will ask you to confirm that you want to switch Apps as shown below. Click Yes to confirm.


The Web App will now launch in a new window. Here you type in your name and click "Join the Meeting".


Please note that these screen shots are correct at the time of writing this article. Due to the online nature of this application, Microsoft regularly updates their software, so the screens may change in appearance.

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