Accessing the Skype for Business Online Conference Facility

Microsoft Skype for Business is a video conferencing service that allows multiple remote participants to communicate and share documents in real time. In most cases, accessing the Skype for Business meetings is done through your web browser, which will automatically instruct you to download and install a browser plugin if this hasn’t already been done. If you are using an iPad or Android tablet, you will need to download and install the free Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 App from the Apple- or Google-Play Store.

To join a Skype for Business online meeting, you will need to have access to a computer or tablet that meets the Skype for Business specifications. You will need a microphone and earphones (or a combined headset) and webcam for video support. The computer/mobile device will need to be connected to the Internet via a broadband service. However, your audio/video experience will be better at higher speeds.

Skype for Business

Web App Supported Platforms

In broad terms the Skype for Business Web App is supported on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Intel based Mac OS-X operating systems version 10.8 or better. However, full support on the various operating systems depends on the Web Browser in use. For details, see the table below. Skype for Business is not supported for audio and video use on Windows operating systems prior to Windows 7, including Windows XP and Vista.

Operating system Edge
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 9
32-bit Version  - Firefox 12.X
64-bit Versions - Safari 5.X, 6.X, 7.X 32-bit Version - Chrome 18.X
Windows 10  Yes  Yes  N/A  N/A  Yes  N/A  Yes3
Windows 8.11
 N/A  Yes  N/A  N/A  Yes  N/A  Yes3
Windows 8 (Intel based)1
 N/A  N/A  Yes  N/A  Yes  N/A  Yes3
Windows 7 with SP12
 N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  No  Yes3
Mac OS X 10.8 and later (Intel-based)2
 N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  Yes  Yes  Yes3

1 On Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the plug-in required to use computer-based audio, video, application viewing, application sharing, desktop viewing, and desktop sharing can be installed only if you’re running Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 11 for the desktop. These features are not available with non-desktop versions of Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

2 On supported Windows 7, and Macintosh operating systems, all features are available including computer-based voice, video, application viewing, application sharing, desktop viewing, and desktop sharing. To use these features, you must install a plug-in when prompted. Note that Mac OS X version 10.7 is no longer supported.

3 Accessing the Web App from Chrome will launch an small program which loads the Web App in an embedded Internet Explorer frame. This program requires one of the supported versions of Internet Explorer be installed for the Web App to load properly.

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