VAT has more than 1000 products in its catalog.

These standard products have established themselves world-wide and today represent the gold standard for all kinds of valves.

Standard products

There is hardly a vacuum valve that you won’t find in our catalog !
Our standard products have proved themselves to our customers again and again. They are unbeatable on price, because they are manufactured for the most part in large batches in a highly industrialized manner and using VAT standard components.

In our catalog you will find standard products like:

Customer-specific products

Have you a special application that requires some adaptation of our standard products? Do you want a valve solution tailor-made to your needs? We can give you either a complete valve, an insert component or an integrated solution involving several valves, or even a solution completely integrated into your chamber. Our customer-focused R&D staff are used to efficiently working out and implementing appropriate solutions in an international and intercultural environment.

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