Progress through quality

Constant quality advances make VAT the worldwide leading company for vacuum valves. Therefore, our comprehensive quality objectives are focused on immediate market needs. VAT quality is achieved through continuous improvement of all activities, processes and with the support of our process management system.

The three principles of our quality responsibilities are:

  • Individual responsibility: Every VAT employee is responsible for the quality of his/hers work processes.
  • Process control: The focus of quality assurance measures are robust design and reliable, and stable manufacturing processes.
  • Collaboration: VAT is one team working towards a common goal when it comes to solving problems. At the same time, each specialized department or group takes the lead responsibility for its own area of expertise.

The improvement of quality happens with the help of a continuous improvement process (Kaizen). These improvements are planned annually, agreed to in writing and divided up into three levels:

  • Company objectives are set by the management for product quality, supplier and delivery dependability, stock value and manufacturing costs.
  • Departmental and group goals are established for specific products, production processes, services, and employee skills.
  • Employees receive individual goals that match their area of responsibility and skills.

Our quality policy also means:

  • Involving our suppliers in day-to-day cooperative work. There are periodic quality review meetings and supplier performance evaluations.
  • The protection of the environment and protection of our employees. All equipment and processes used in manufacturing meet the current standards and regulations.

Our quality documentation includes:

  • ISO certification, quality handbook, conformity certificates, test records, sampling: we meet whatever requirements you may have. Here you will find our current certificates:
In addition, VAT is subject to annual monitoring by our Swiss ISO accredited certification body. We also regularly welcome customers conducting specific quality audits.
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