​Group Management Board


Head of Semi

Urs Gantner

serves as Head of the Business Unit SEMI (Semiconductor) including the Key Account Management since September 2016 and is a member of the Group Management Board of VAT. Prior to joining VAT in 2004, he was with Hamilton Medical and for seven years in the Energy and Environment Department of Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the largest National Research Facility in Switzerland. Urs Gantner holds a Master in Engineering Sciences from ETH Zurich.

Head of Modules

Gebhard Lutz

serves as Head of Modules and is a member of the Group Management Board of VAT. He joined VAT in 2001 where he was charged with the management of the multi valve modules product group. Mr. Lutz is a graduate in systems engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Buchs (NTB).


Head of Displays / Solar

Jürgen Zoller

serves as Head of Business Unit Display & Solar and is a member of the Group Management Board VAT. He joined VAT in 2000 and has been instrumental in establishing the successful Display and Solar organization. Mr. Zoller is a graduate in Technical Production Management of the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn (FHV) and holds a Master in Business Management of the University Klagenfurt.


Head of Bellows / GVA

Arno Zindel

serves as Head Bellows / GVA since September 2016 and is a member of the Group Management Board. He is very experienced in the vacuum and coating industry from his former positions like applications engineer, project manager, head of product group and head of product development Unaxis, Oerlikon and TEL Solar for many years. His last position was Head of Development in a textile machine company. Arno has a degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a MBA from the University of Applied Sciences in Chur.


Head of Global Services

Joe Haggerty

serves as Head of Global Services and is a member of the Group Management Board. He is a vacuum deposition industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in custom optical and tribological thin films. After opening and managing thin film production facilities  in the US and China, Joe came to Liechtenstein in 2003 as the Head of the Balzers Optics Division. In 2007 Joe became the CEO of Ionbond, a wear protection thin film coating company based in Switzerland with 40 factories and over 1000 employees. Over a ten  year period with Ionbond Joe executed a very successful turnaround of the company followed by a long period of profitable sustained growth. During his career Joe has led the design and opening of 10 coating facilities in the US, Asia, and Europe and has negotiated  and executed several long term contracts for thin film coating services with companies such as Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Pratt & Whitney. 
Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics from the University of California at San Diego and both a Masters in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. 


Head of Global Sales and Sales Asia a.i.

Michael Allison

was appointed CEO of VAT Group in March 2018. Previously he was Head of the Semiconductor Division of Edwards/Atlas Copco. Prior to that Mr. Allison was Managing Director and Executive Vices President of Edwards’ global sales and service operations. He also worked for KLA Tencor for almost 20 years in a variety of senior management roles. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors of SEMI International. He holds a degree I Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Head of Corporate Research

Dr. Michael Zickar

serves as Head of Corporate Research a.i. and is a member of the Group Management Board of VAT. Prior to joining VAT in 2012, he was with Schott Schweiz AG where he was responsible for the Systems Engineering Department, building high performance inspection systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Michael Zickar holds a PhD in micro electro mechanical systems from the University of Neuchâtel and a Master of Advanced Studies in Management, Technology & Economy from ETH Zurich.
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