​Production mechanic

Career Profile

Production mechanics construct work-pieces with serveral manufacturing methods, build apparatus or machines. In collaboration with other experts they work on orders ​and projects as well as bring new machines and equipment into service and carry out maintenance work on them.

Martin Rothenbühler

Your contact person

Martin Rothenbühler

Head of Vocational Training
+41 81 772 48 01

Basic skills required

  • Technical understanding and an ability to visualize things in three-dimensional space
  • Manual dexterity
  • A precise, careful work style, and reliability

The 3-year training course

Practical learning
  • 1st and 2nd year of apprenticeship consists of basic training in our training center (general courses, all internal)​
  • 3rd year of apprenticeship / specialized training in production
Theoretical learning
  • 1 day per week vocational college with subjects:

Mathematics, computing, study and work methodology, physics, chemistry, technical English, materials and manufacturing technology, drafting and machine technology, automation

College graduation

Swiss federal certificate as a production mechanic.

Further education options

 Additional apprenticeship (2 ​years) as a general mechanic.
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