Welded bellows are key components with high cycle numbers and broad ranges of dimensions and materials for versatile applications of vacuum technology, such as

  • Vacuum feedthroughs
  • High-cycle bellows for semiconductor facilities
  • Medical titanium serum store for implantable (serum) pumps
  • Solutions for sealing problems in industrial applications
  • Damper capsules to compensate pressure surges in fuel injection systems of motor vehicles.

Our edge-welded bellows offerings include among other applications:

Welded_bellows_for_vacuum_valves  Welded_bellows_for_semi_conductor  Titanium_bellows_for_medical Damper_capsules_for_gasoline_pumps 
Welded bellows for vacuum valves in ultra-high vacuum Welded bellows for semi-conductor facilities Titanium bellows for medical implants Damper capsules for high performance gasoline pumps in fuel injection systems


Generally, edge-welded bellows are used as flexible sealing elements to separate different physical mediums. In addition, we leverage our extensive development and manufacturing know-how to offer our customers complete advice and solutions that employ edge-welded bellows.

For further information visit the website of COMVAT, a leading specialist in the production of welded bellows and automating processes.

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