Electronic Support Files

GSD Files

Download GSD Files (Device master file) for SPS PROFIBUS Master

ESI File

Download ESI File (EtherCAT Slave Information) for your EtherCAT master

Ethernet Setup Instruction

Download Ethernet Setup Instruction for VAT Valves with Digi Connect ME-C for Ethernet-Interface

EDS Files

Downloading EDS files, so as to be able to set DeviceNet parameters comfortably.
If it is an Integrated Controller follow the steps 1 to 7 given below:

  1. Refer to the first page of valve manual and check the software ID (e.g. 375487 (DeviceNet®)
  2. Purchase the VAT software 'Control Performance Analyzer' and download from: http://www.vatvalve.com/customer-service/informations-and-downloads/electronic-support-files
  3. Install the software onto your PC 
    1. The valve is connected to your PC's serial port with the service cable 
    2. The valves DeviceNet jack is connected to your DeviceNet host controller 
    3. The valve is connected to power 
  4. Ensure the following connections: 
  5. Turn all power supplies on and start the software. 
  6. Select your PCs serial interface port as requested by the software. 
  7. Click 'System', 'Interface Status' and check the stated software ID. 

You will see "software ID:123456X", a 6 digit number. The number may be followed by a capital letter (X).
If your "software ID" is not of this format, please contact your local sales representative for further support.
Compare with the screen shot on the right side.

Select the EDS files according to the software ID from Downloads below for a convenient setting of DevideNet parameters.

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