Control Performance Analyzer 3 (CPA 3)

Applicable for IC-1 controller type with D-Sub service port connector

Requirements: PC / Laptop with serial COM-port or USB-to-RS232 converter (recommended with FTDI chip-set)

Control Performance Analyzer 4 (CPA 4)

Applicable for IC-2 controller type with USB service port connector

The CPA4 software is already integrated in the IC2 controller. When the controller gets connected to a PC, a new window will open, from where the CPA4 can be started:
You will always find the latest version attached below. There are two posiblilities to use this latest version of the CPA4:

  • use the executable version to run direct from the PC, no installation needed, also usable with limited function when no controller is connected
  • update the CPA on the controller, see update instruction for details
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