VAT facts and figures

VAT Vacuum Valves AG has an annual turnover of more than 300 million US dollars and employs a staff of over 1000 of whom more than 700 are in Switzerland. The proportion of exports is 99 per cent: Asia is the main market with about 45 per cent, next comes the USA with about 30 per cent, followed by Europe at 22 per cent.

VAT has a range of about 1000 products in its catalog. But over half of our worldwide turnover comes from tailor-made solutions for our customers.

The total area of our manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Romania, Malaysia and Taiwan is 291,000 sq ft or 27,000 sq m.

VAT Facts

Executive management:


Dr. Reto Loepfe

Executive Vice President Research & Development

Dr. Adrian Kauf

Adrian Kauf

Executive Vice President Engineering & Business Development

Dr. Stefan Pleier

Executive Vice President Finance & Services

Mr. Christoph Pichler

Pichler Chrisph

Executive Vice President Quality & Procurement

Dr. Andreas Scheibe

Andreas Scheibe

Executive Vice President Production

Mr. Haemmerle Egon
Egon Haemmerle
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